What Is Gallifrey?

Gallifrey is a simple, light-weight Jira time logging companion to help you travel the Jira universe!

With direct access into Jira you can capture your time throughout the day or week and export in bulk updating issues as you go.

Not only does Gallifrey interact with Jira, but if you have the Tempo Jira plug-in, Gallifrey will still work and even better, Gallifrey will use the Tempo API rather than the Jira API so it works exactly the same as entering time online.

Gallifrey really is the 1 stop shop for all your Jira time tracking needs and best of all it’s free! We are committed that Gallifrey will remain free for all users forever. Whilst some features are slightly limited to those who have donated time or money, Gallifrey will capture and export time without any sort of donation, so why not try it today!


  • Daily timer management
  • Manual timer adjustment
  • Export direct to Jira & set remaining estimate
  • Jira issue search (with saved filters)
  • Alerts when no timer is running
  • Machine locked time capture (including remote desktop connect/disconnect)
  • Automatic Updates
  • Background Sync (keeping Gallifrey up-to-date with time manually added to Jira)
  • Export stats & a target export amount complete with progress bar
  • Customised working weeks for target export
  • Drag & Drop items from Jira in your browser
  • Export reminders
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Assign Issues when starting timers
  • Displaying parent details for sub tasks
  • Over 40 different theme combinations
  • Support for SOAP and REST Jira APIs & the Tempo REST API. - This includes cloud or self-hosted instances

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Jira instance (cloud or self-hosted) any version.
  • .net Framework 4.7 or higher