About Us

Gallifrey started as an in-house tool created for my colleagues and I.

This helped build the base of the application with a tight knit set of testers who would give quick feedback.

Once the first properly stable version of the application was complete, we looked to open source it and release it to the public as a free to use tool. We continue to use Gallifrey as a day to day tool for our time sheet capture exporting into Jira.

Our Usage Commitment

Gallifrey is and will always be a free to use tool (even commercially!). This is a commitment we will always uphold.

Whilst it is free to use, some features are limited to those who have donated financially or with time to help support the project.

Atlassian Marketplace

Gallifrey is listed on the Atlassian Marketplace, you can view the listing here.

The app has been approved by Atlassian to get listed here!

Why Is The App Called Gallifrey

Gallifrey is the home of the time lords in the hit BBC TV show Dr Who….Need i say more? This product is in no way linked/affiliated to Dr Who or the BBC (apart from the name)